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We want you to be part of our museums, experience its beauty and this is why we offer several ways to let you engage with us to help maintain and develop the museums. Whether you are a student aspiring a career in social work or a business person who loves to preserve and care about the ocal history or a couple looking to get married in an awesome traditional way. We have everything for all of you. Become a member today!

How to get started

Please fill out our facility inquiry form so we may better understand your needs and be prepared when we contact you about your event. For questions and to schedule a meeting contact Judith Bailey at or Call at 00-11-2222-10.

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Requirements to book a space

  • Complete an online facility inquiry form
  • Meet with our Rental Coordinator to discuss timing and space options
  • Sign a rental application a minimum 60 days prior to your event
  • Sign a rental contract and provide a deposit of $500 plus an insurance payment in order to reserve a date

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